It’s Time… Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim Programme

Public swimming, family sessions, Learn to Swim and club use are available at –

  • Auchenharvie
  • Garnock Community Campus*
  • Portal
  • Vikingar!

Direct Debit payments for Learn to Swim customers will resume from 1st June. We will contact customers directly prior to the first payment being taken.

Return to Learn to Swim programme at Garnock Community Campus

*The Learn to Swim programme will return soon. More information will follow shortly with a programme of lessons and booking arrangements, please keep checking back.

The following video and FAQs will tell you everything you need to know before you visit.



When should my child arrive for their lesson?

You should aim to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your lesson time. This is to allow for physical distancing within changing areas. You will be required to make use of hand sanitising stations available and to follow the one-way system in operation within the sites to reach the swimming pool.

Do I need to wear a mask when in the facility?

Please follow Scottish Government regulations in relation to the use of face coverings. For Parents/Guardians who will be in attendance throughout the duration of child’s swimming lesson and moving around the building, a face covering should be worn at all times.

Can we use the changing rooms for my child’s swimming lessons?

Swimmers will be expected to arrive ‘swim-ready’ with their swimming kit already on. Only one adult can accompany the child to swimming lessons and are able to get their child ready within designated areas within the changing areas.

One adult will collect their child from the changing rooms at the end of their lesson and the swimmers may use cubicles in the changing area to dry and get changed. There will be no access to showers after lessons at the current time.

We would ask you to help us maintain a safe environment for all customers by getting your child changed and exiting the building via the one-way exit in a timely manner after their lesson. We appreciate both swimmers and parents may be keen to catch up with fellow swimmers and parents, please be courteous to others and do so in a safe space outside the building.

The accompanying adult must keep the child’s personal items with them throughout the duration of the lesson.

Changing will be allocated accordingly –


  • Pre-school & Level 1: Spectators
  • Level 2 – Changing room A
  • Level 3 & 4 – Changing room B


  • Lessons taking place in the small pool should use cubicles on the right-hand side of the changing village (Cubicles closest to the small pool).
  • Lessons in the main pool should use the cubicles on the left-hand side as you enter the changing village (Cubicles closest to the main pool).


  • Changing Cubicles will be allocated on your arrival.

Are children expected to shower before they enter and once they exit the pool?

Only the pre-swim showers which are located at the entrance to the pools will be available for participants to ‘rinse-off’ before their lesson.

Will lockers be available?

Lockers are not available. Parents/guardians must ensure they keep their child’s personal belongings with them in a bag during the lesson.

Will children have access to toilet facilities in the pool changing area?

Toilets are available within the changing areas however we would ask customers to use the toilet at home before travelling.

Will I be able to watch my child’s swimming lesson?

One adult may accompany one child to the waiting area and stay with them until they are collected for their lesson by their teacher.

There is limited spectating available at the sites to ensure we are complying with physical distancing guidelines. Please check with the site you are attending for lessons to find out the spectating restrictions that are in place. It may be the case for more advanced levels at some sites, that parents may be asked to leave the building whilst your child is in their swimming lesson, returning in time to collect them at the end.

If using spectating areas, please ensure you are physically distancing. Seats will have been identified where it is possible to do this.

Please make sure we have an up to date contact number should we need it to contact you during the lesson, if you are required to leave the building.

What are the main changes due to COVID-19 that we can expect to see within swimming lessons?

  • Teachers will be delivering all lessons from the poolside and will be wearing either face shields or face masks.
  • Lesson times will remain at 30 minutes duration and now with a 15-minute buffer between classes exiting and entering to allow time to safely clean down equipment and teaching stations.
  • Teachers will no longer be allowed to fit children’s goggles or help them put them back on, if your child is wearing goggles please ensure they are fitted correctly and they understand if they come off they have to stay off for the duration of the lesson unless they can get them back on themselves. Any discs required to be worn by the child must be put on them by the accompanying adult prior to the lesson commencing within the designated waiting area.
  • Teachers will collect and guide children to the correct areas of the pool for their lesson and return them to the collection areas.

Will children be sharing floating support devices such as woggles or floats? If so, how will you ensure they are kept clean? 

Minimal equipment will be used but where required each piece of equipment will be submerged in the chlorinated pool water after each use to sanitise them.

Will my child be able to swim on the same day and time and with the same teacher?

Where possible we have tried to keep teachers’ days and teaching times as close to the old programme as possible but there are some parts where it has been necessary to make changes. To accommodate our full programme and maintain physical distancing, we may have to stagger some start and finish times. Unfortunately, to avoid any congestion and to maintain physical distancing regrettably a small number of our classes may have to be cancelled.

Most lessons will run in the same area of the pool as they did previously however there will be some changes to allow the programme to run safely. You will be notified of any significant changes to your class prior to commencement.

My child is nervous about coming back to lessons, is there anything I can do to help them?

We understand that some swimmers (and parents) may feel nervous returning to the pool after such a long break. Our teachers and pool staff will do all they can to support you and your child on a return to the water.

In the meantime, here are a few things you could do at home in preparation:

  • Speak to your child about what will be different when they come back so they know what to expect
  • Remind them their teacher is there to help and support them and it’s new for everyone to get used to, they are not on their own (teachers can still support verbally and provide good instruction and reassurance from the side)
  • Don’t worry if they feel like they can’t remember how to do everything, we will be re-capping lots of skills and working at their own pace
  • Most importantly is that we just want them to try their best and enjoy being back in the water

What steps have you put in place to make sure swimmers can physically distance in their lessons?

The site teams and teachers have been training and working hard to plan safe lessons for when we re-open; taking on board government and governing body guidance, looking at the best ways to manage, adapt and organise different stages safely for our sites and keep the lessons developmental and enjoyable for all participants.

When can I expect my child’s assessment to be updated?

In the first few weeks, teachers will use ongoing assessment with swimmers and focus on aspects such as safety skills, re-capping core aquatic skills, confidence building, getting comfortable with new ways of swimming, travelling and spacing out in the water and on poolside, as well as enjoying being able to be back in the water!

Once swimmers have had a few weeks to settle back in, teachers will begin to update the child’s skills assessment. Swimmers will be returning with differing levels of stamina and skills to where they were previously at and it is important for teachers to have an accurate record of assessment for each swimmer so they can plan their lessons accordingly to cover the needs of each child in that group. Swimmers will be supported and encouraged at their own pace of learning by our teachers.

What if my child really struggles to return to the stage they were in?

Our main priority will be ensuring all of our swimmers have a positive and safe experience returning to lessons. We will work with all swimmers to progressively build them up at their pace. If a teacher deems any swimmer to be unsafe, or you as their parent/carer have any concerns we will organise making alternative safe arrangements for your child’s lesson.

Why are 1-2-1 lessons not returning just now?

KA Leisure is following guidance from governing bodies and Scottish government regarding how best to return to the pool, whilst following physical distancing and ensuring that both customers and staff are kept safe whilst they take part in their chosen activities. This has meant that we are restricted on how many participants we can have in areas at given times and also require all activities to be pre-booked with adequate times to ensure areas and equipment are sanitised sufficiently. Our pool programmes have been affected greatly, and limits what we have available at this current phasing of return. We will continue to look at developing the programme and bringing more activities back when we are safely able to do so.

Are Direct Debits to remain on hold? When will these restart? 

Notification will be sent to swim lesson customers with Direct Debits restarting from the beginning of December.