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Inspire Balanceability

Nearly half of the UK’s 6-year-olds are unable to ride a bike, which means that they miss out on the countless benefits of being able to cycle. Children learn to crawl before they walk and walk before, they run.  So why expect a child to progress from riding a tricycle and/or bicycle with stabilisers, to riding a bicycle without having the opportunity to master the key aspects of static and dynamic balance.

Much like booking swimming lessons, children attend structured lessons that incorporate fun activities to help children develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness and bilateral co-ordination. Children are able to transition to riding a pedal bike in a safe, rewarding environment, enhancing their physical literacy.

Class NameDay Of The WeekStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupVenueArea
Inspire Balanceability Friday 17:00 17:45 3 - 5 years Dalry Community Sport Hub CSH 181
Inspire Balanceability Saturday 09:00 09:45 3 - 5 years Portal 182

Cost: £3.50 per week or included with an INSPIRE membership

If you were registered for the previous block then you will be automatically enrolled onto the new block. If you wish to register for any class for the first time, please contact sport@kaleisure.com

Our new booking system will be live at the start of November, we will contact all parents and guardians with details on how to register and make bookings.