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Fit Ayrshire Babies

(3 Months – Walking)

Children take part in a range of activities and the move through the adventure playground apparatus to build confidence and physical literacy.
Adults also attend this session to participate with their child to guide them through these fun filled sessions.

(Walking to 3 years)

As children grow in confidence, they continue to explore using the apparatus and developing new skills.  Adults interact with their child but slowly allow them to become more independent.

Mini Movers

(3 – 5 Years)

Mini Movers is an energetic pre-school gymnastics class with no parent participation which promotes independence in your child. The class is structured with an aim to improve physical skills such as coordination, balance and most skills. Most importantly of all, they’re packed full of FUN!


Day Class (45 min)Time
Monday Mini Movers 10.45 & 11.45 
Monday Fab walk-3yrs 13.15 
Tuesday Fab walk-3yrs 10.00 & 11.15 
Tuesday Mini Movers 13.00 
Wednesday Mini Movers 10.00 
Wednesday Fab walk-3yrs 11.15 
Wednesday Mini Movers 13.15 
Thursday Fab 3mths to walk 10.00 & 11.15 
Friday Fab Walk-3yrs 10.00 
Friday Fab 3mths to walk 11.15 
Friday Mini Movers 13.15 

Cost: Block booking only, 8 week block £28.00 = £3.50 per class or included with an INSPIRE membership
To book and for more information please call 01294 270796 or email pre5-and-dance@kaleisure.com.

Why must parents now stay for the duration of the Mini Movers Class and participate
As our coaches must have minimal contact with the children as per guidance from Scottish Gymnastics. Parents are also asked to stay in case a child requires to use the toilet. Scottish Gymnastics state in their restart document, Step Forward Plan – indoor revised for local restrictions, that parents are not permitted to spectate, however the parents are permitted to stay where they are required to provide supervision. The class structure has been formatted to take this into consideration.

Is my child required to wear a face mask?
No children under 5years of age are not required to wear a face mask while entering / exiting the building or during the class. However All adults, (coaches and parents), are required to wear face masks and maintain a minimum of 2meters social distancing throughout the session. As per guidance -Step Froward Plan from Scottish Gymnastics.

Can I bring someone with me to watch the session?
Unfortunately due to current social distancing restrictions we are unable to accommodate additional adults other than those participating in the class or supervising the child.

Inspire Gymnastics

In partnership with Irvine Bay Gymnastics Club our recreational gymnastics programme is designed to engage children age 5 and over in a developmental, fun and friendly way.   We will develop your child’s physical literacy skills including flexibility, strength and coordination as well as their confidence and motivation for sport.

Classes start Saturday 22nd January

Primary 1-4

09:00 – 10:00

Primary 5-7

10:15 – 11:15

Cost: £21.00 for a six week block or included with an INSPIRE membership

To book contact sport@kaleisure.com

Sensory Soft Play

(12 months – 3 years)

These fun sessions are suitable for age 12 months – 3 years helping to work towards their development milestones in a FUN way through sight, sound and touch as well as interaction with kids in fun games.

Details will follow soon.