man working at desk

Sitting at a desk all day has detrimental effects on our health. So, we have 5 tips on how to be more active with a desk job. Please read on for some inspiration.


Sitting at your desk for long periods of time isn’t healthy and can lead to back pain, diabetes and obesity. Many of us are guilty of staying at our desks all day while at work. Some of us even choose to eat at our desks during our breaks. It can definitely be hard to stay active when you are busy with work but it is important not to stay sitting for too long. For more information on why prolonged sitting is detrimental to our health you can read Yale Medicine’s article Why Is Sitting so Bad for Us? > News > Yale Medicine.

#1 Set a timer and have regular breaks

Our first tip is, why not try setting regular timers on your phone to remind yourself to get up and moving? You could make a cup of tea or coffee, step outside for some fresh air or even walk to someone’s else desk for a quick chat.

Regular breaks don’t have to be long periods of time away from your work, but can simply be standing up for a stretch and refresh. Try splitting your day into more manageable blocks of time with regular breaks scheduled in between.

#2 Go for a walk on your lunch break

Similarly to the previous tip, getting out for a short walk during your break is a great idea to stay active. If you work flexible hours, why not one-up this, and use your breaks to visit the gym or even go for a swim? We understand that not everyone has this opportunity so simply going on a short walk will make all the difference. Don’t let some bad weather put you off, a simple walk around your office is better than nothing!

#3 Walk to work instead of drive

It can be so easy to rely on our cars to get to and from work but adding a short walk to and from public transport is something to consider, or if you live close enough walk the full way to work instead! Another tip if this isn’t suitable for your circumstances is to visit the gym straight after work. This can help to avoid returning home and losing all motivation because you are tired. Check out our fitness classes, one may correspond with your lunch break or finishing time perfectly. https://kaleisure.com/fitness/fitness-timetables/ 

#4 Desk stretching/ office exercising

Stretching your muscles not only relieves aches and pains but can improve your posture and mood. Consider trying some seated neck stretches, ankle rolls, lean stretches or even squats the next time you are sitting at your desk. Organising daily team stretches could also be a great team-building opportunity. Having a competition could encourage people to participate.

#5 Take the stairs

Lastly, we always recommend always taking the stairs if you are able to. If you work in a high-rise building and this isn’t feasible you could even consider getting out of the lift a few floors early and walking the rest of the way up.


If like so many others, you find it hard to keep moving while at your 9-5, we hope some of these tips can provide you with some inspiration. Also highlighting what little bursts of activity throughout the day can do and how beneficial to your health it is.

If you want to take your activity to the next level there are standing desks, exercise balls and under-desk bikes to consider.