Falls Prevention

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Falls Prevention

There are many ways you can reduce your risk of having a Fall. One way is to make simple changes to the amount of activity you currently do in your week and include targeted exercise specifically proven to reduce the risk of falls.  Falls Prevention Interventions will help you to do this safely in a comfortable setting.

Invigor8 is a specific exercise intervention designed to reduce the risk of falls by improving mobility, strength and balance and giving a person the correct coping strategies should they have a fall to help them get up and build up their confidence.

Participants can take part in the class both seated and standing, therefore the class is suitable for a range of ability levels.

Invigor8 PLUS is a more advanced class which is designed to improve participants’ mobility, strength and balance helping to reduce the risk of falls and help improve activities of daily living.

82 year old Catherine Murray joined the Falls Prevention Class in Vikingar after a series of mini-strokes which affected both her speech and mobility. It was identified that her strength and balance put her at risk of falling. Since attending the class she has noticed improvements in her strength, balance and mobility and in her general wellbeing. She also has a greater ability to carry out everyday tasks which have improved her confidence.

Door Step Activities

Doorstep Activities were introduced during Lockdown and will now continue to be provided more long term. The doorstep activities provide support to improve mobility and fitness with the end goal of moving on to a suitable falls prevention class or walking Group.

Criteria for doorstep activities:

  • To encourage Exercise and Physical Activity for people who may require additional support to become active
  • Enhance Health and Wellbeing for frailer adults not suitable to attend classes
  • To help and encourage behaviour focusing on a -long term goal
  • Mental Health and Physical Health has been affected by Lockdown
  • Loss of confidence which would affect the outcome of joining a class
  • Poor mobility which would affect the outcome of joining a class and continuing long term
  • Social Isolation as a consequence of poor mental health or reduce mobility
  • Dementia Friendly

What support will you receive?

All participants are offered the following:

  • Telephone call offering them the opportunity to participant in the Doorstep/ 1-1 intervention
  • Telephone Health Screening Call
  • Functional Assessment
  • Person centre Discussion

Participants will be offered 4 free supported sessions over a 12-week period. Every participant will be given a person-centred exercise prescription within your home. (you will require a suitable space, suitable chair, support of a family member/carer where possible if unable to move chair to suitable area.)

Activities may include:

  • Strength and Balance Exercises
  • Relaxation and Breathing Techniques
  • Mobility and Stretch Exercises

After the 12-week period you may:

Move on to an activity suitable for your needs or Continue with the doorstep visits at a cost of £15 per session

doorstep visit

Participant Statement

“I appreciate the visits as it helps me to keep up with my exercise. The extra specific exercises for my legs which Alison gives me I find very beneficial as they help keep my legs strong and mobile. I also look forward to Alison’s visits every week.”

Instructor Statement

“During my visits with my participant, areas of concern were highlighted. My participant received a visit from an occupational therapist and it was discussed that extra aids were needed at the front door. Therefore extra handrails were fitted for my participant to allow her to get in and out of her front door more easily. This has made a massive difference to my participant allowing her to get in and out the house with more confidence.”