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Walking Opportunities

The ‘KA Walk’ programme has been established to create a supportive environment for you to start to enjoy the many benefits of being physically active. And it’s FREE!

Walkers of all ages and abilities are welcome you can walk with family and friends, learn more about your local area and meet other people. Our walks are approximately 1 hour and are at a leisurely pace. We meet at various times and places across North Ayrshire.

Organised sport and exercise can now take place in a group with a maximum of 30. KA Leisure may continue to work with a reduced capacity for some walks and encourage everyone to book the walks in advance. Social distancing and Scottish Government guidance apply.

Join our Health Walks

DayTimeMeeting LocationCost
Monday 10:00 West Kibride Community Centre Free
Monday 10:00 Boutreehill Health Centre, front door Free
Monday 11:00 Portal, Meet at front door Free
Monday 11:30 Dalry, The Cross Free
Monday 12:30 Kilbrinie, Various locations Free
Monday 13:00 Nordic Walking (Auchenharvie Leisure Centre) £3.00
Tuesday 11:00 Arran - every second week (please call for further information) Free
Tuesday 14:00 Portal, front door Free
Wednesday 13:00 Vikingar, front entrance Free
Wednesday 14:00 The Circuit, car park Free
Wednesday 15:00 Short Walks (15mins) The Circuit, car park short 15 minutes walks building up time (must be able to walk 15min) Free
Thursday 11:00 Portal, front entrance Free
Thursday 11:00 Eglinton Park, café Free
Thursday 14:00 Bourtreehill, Meet at drop In Free
Thursday 14:15 Eglinton Park, café Free
Friday 13:00 Nordic Walking Vikingar, Meet at front door £3.00
Sunday 11:00-11:30 Photography Walk, Eglinton Park, Irvine (Subject to availability) £27 6 wks @ £4.50 p/w

Our walks do cater for all levels of abilities, short 15 minute walks all the way through to longer more challenging routes and everything in between. We also offer 1-2-1 walks and doorstep walks for those who may require additional support.

The walks are delivered by our highly qualified Active Lifestyles team. For further information contact the Active Lifestyles Team on 01294 270796 or email activelifestyles@kaleisure.com

Volunteer Lead Walks

We provided KA walks delivered by volunteers in the local community. All volunteers are provided with Paths for All walk leader training and additional access to training that will allow them to develop their walks. First Aid training is also included. See Volunteer section on how to become a walk leader.

Walks Delivered by the Active Lifestyles Team

KA offer walking groups delivered by our own active lifestyles team. The walks are suitable for anyone who would like to attend a walking but would like the additional support and expertise of active lifestyles teams highly qualified instructors


1-2-1 Supported Walking

The 1-2-1 supported walks are for those who need additional support or don’t feel confident attending a walking group in the first instance. To allow you to grow in confidence whilst slowly becoming fit enough to help to join up with a group.

    nordic walking

    1-2-1 Doorstep Walks

    We can provide doorstep walks for people who may require a higher level of support or are unable to attend group walks or 1-2-1. See section Falls Prevention for Doorstep activities.
    Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking technique that uses poles to work your upper body as well as your legs. It gives you a highly effective all over workout that doesn’t feel like one! Ka can deliver taster sessions of provide help to set up Nordic Walking activities.
    Nordic Walking Rehabilitation may be beneficial for people with the following: Hip and Knee Replacements (once full weight bearing), Diabetes (claudication pain associated with peripheral arterial disease, Osteoarthritis

      nordic walking

      Buggy Fitness Classes

      Suitable for all levels.

      photo walk

      Photography Walk

      Eglinton Park, Irvine

      Opportunity to learn to take great photographs in the picturesque setting of Eglinton park. Join a led walk through Eglinton park with opportunities to stop and take photographs along the way.
      Sessions will be led by our professional photographer who will provide teachings on all thing’s photography from angles and lighting to setting your camera/phone up correctly. Feedback will also be provided on images taken between sessions.
      For details contact Craig cmcbirnie@kaleisure.com or call 07436 561356.

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        Want to become a Walk Leader?

        Interested is starting up your own health walks or volunteering within a KA health walks?

        Check Out our section on Volunteering Opportunities and training !!