With the summer finally upon us, it can be hard to feel motivated to stay active when you just want to be sunbathing in your garden. We have written a few suggestions on how you can try to stay active in the warmer months.

summer weight work out

Get outside

One idea for staying active in summer is that you can do your workouts outside! Whether you are a sun worshiper or shade dweller, being outside is a great motivator. If you are planning to be outside anyway, replace half an hour of sunbathing time with a short work out and you’ll feel great.

Water Water Water

If you are working out in the hotter months be sure to drink lots of water to avoid becoming dehydrated you may need to drink more water than usual. Water is also great for cooling us down and can help us keep going for longer. A good habit to try form is carrying water wherever you go.

Embrace the sweat

If you choose to work out in the sunshine then consider going for a swim in the sea to cool off on warmer days, set up a paddling pool for your feet or have a water fight with your kids. Don’t be afraid to get sweaty as it just shows you have been working hard.

Seek the shade

If you are planning to be outside during the day try to find shade regularly to avoid getting sunburnt. Walk at cooler times of the day and wear lots of sun cream. Rather than being out at midday, take advantage of the lighter nights and go out later in the day when it is slightly cooler. Dressing appropriately, and try to limit the time your skin has contact with the sun. This applies even if you aren’t prone to getting sunburnt. Similarly, make sure you don’t work out wearing too many layers or warmer clothes as you may overheat and start to feel unwell.

Play outside

Instead of letting your children sit in front of screens all day why not encourage your kids to play outside and join in! They will have a great time and you’ll feel great for having some quality time with the kids and ticking off your daily physical activity.

Other suggestions

Having activities to do in your garden can help you feel more motivated. They encourage us to stay active rather than just sitting and sunbathing. Gardening is also a great hands-on activity to do outside to stay active and who says deep cleaning should only be kept for the spring? Try summer cleaning instead. If you work from home you could try taking some meetings while walking rather than sitting down.

You can always continue to use our facilities during the summer by having a swim, and attending a class or attending family fun days. Details of which can be viewed here Holiday Activities – KA Leisure all are made easier with a KA Leisure membership. View the options at Memberships – KA Leisure.

Those have been our suggestions on how to have an active summer. We hope you feel inspired and have a summer full of activity.

summer family walk
family paddling in sea in summer