Are you an early riser or a night owl? How do you decide when is the best to work out for you?

An article from Les Mills Fit Planet Health and Fitness Articles – Les Mills discusses the ideal time to do your workout. Realistically people will work out when they have time or can fit it into their schedule but in the following blog, we will discuss some of the key points mentioned in their findings that may help you decide. To read the full article visit: The best time to exercise – Les Mills

The Study

A study conducted in Australia was mentioned in the article and stated that “After introducing a varied exercise program, the researchers found that regardless of when the study participants exercised, they enjoyed similar improvements in cardio fitness. However, those who exercised later in the day also saw lower cholesterol levels, better blood-sugar control, and improved cardiovascular molecular patterns in their bloodstreams – all important markers for improved metabolic health.” Although this suggests exercising later in the day is more effective the study continues to explore other findings.

The study was conducted on participants with similar lifestyles, who were overweight and ate a particularly fatty diet.

“If you want to get the best from your workout, simply work out whenever feels good,” says Bryce Hastings, Les Mills Head of Research. “By scheduling in exercise for the time that works best for you, you’re more likely to enjoy it. When you enjoy the exercise you stick with it, and that’s where habits are born. Once exercise becomes a habit, the results really kick in.”

Suggesting that it doesn’t make a huge difference when you work out as long as you can keep it regular.

Early morning

Is the best time to work out in the morning?

“By exercising early in the day, you can tick off your physical activity before any competing priorities, disturbances or excuses come into play. As a result, there’s more chance of consistency.” You are less likely to push it back or ignore it all together.

People argue that it can wake you up for the day and you’ll see yourself being more productive and motivated at work.

If you have a busy morning schedule this may not work out for you but give it a try for a week and trial it.

In the evening

“Exercising in the evening can be ideal for alleviating the day’s stresses. If you’ve had plenty of opportunities to eat and fuel your body through the day, you’re in a better position to push your limits and take your workout up a notch.”

They also say that the temperature of our bodies is already higher in the middle of the day so it could mean we are able to work harder.


“If you ever feel like your motivation is lacking, it’s a good idea to aim to exercise first thing in the morning. You are far better off ticking off your workout than planning it for the afternoon and then never getting to it.”

They say that you can always become a morning person if you work on creating a strict routine and sticking to it. After a while, it will become second nature.

So, don’t worry if you aren’t a morning person it is said that the time you work out has little effect on the results you see.

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