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Our Community Sport programme is currently suspended, but we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that classes can return to a safe environment.  Check out the programmes and classes below to get a flavour of what to expect when we return.

Learn to Swim with KA Leisure

KA Leisure is a provider of the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Framework. This offers alignment to new national standards so that you can be assured of a high quality, structured and progressive swim teaching programme,
whatever your age or swimming experience.

Benefits include…

  • No queuing to re-book

  • Pay the easy way by Direct Debit

Your lesson time will stay the same, meaning that you won’t have to rearrange your week when you move up a level.

How much does it cost?

With our new Learn to Swim membership, simply pay £24 per month by Direct Debit (payable 1st of each month).

This gives you…

  • your lessons over 48 weeks of the year

  • a members’ pack (including swim bag and goggles)

  • FREE casual swimming at any of our four pools


For more information and booking details please contact your local centre

Learn To Swim Pathway

Early Years / Adult & Child

Aim to…further develop the core aquatic skills through structured play and develop the independence necessary for the next level (without an adult in the water).

The child will demonstrate independent movement and a range of core aquatic skills
The child will have developed confident submersion and aquatic breathing
The child will have been involved in interaction with other adults and children
The child will be becoming more attentive to the teacher’s instruction and less reliant on adult support in preparation for the next level


Aim to…become water confident and develop core aquatic skills (without adult assistance but with buoyancy aids as required).

Introduce complete non-swimmers to the aquatic environment and establish an understanding of safety in and around water
Develop and progress water confidence
Establish an understanding of basic core aquatic skills
Encourage independent movement
Develop skills through enjoyment, fun and self-discovery

Swim Skills 1

Aim to…further develop water confidence and develop core aquatic skills without aids.

Develop confidence and ability to perform a wide range of core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids
Develop the basic technique of the strokes
Introducing the basic technique of sculling
Develop balance and buoyancy through a variety of activities

Swim Skills 2

Aim to…increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke technique.

Introduce and progress new core aquatic skills
Develop stroke technique to include all four strokes
Introduction to diving (pool permitting)
Develop awareness and feel for the water through a variety of core aquatic skills

Swim Skills 3

Aim to…Introduce more advanced stroke technique and achieve Triple S standard.

Further develop competency in all four strokes
Development of Diving
Further developing Butterfly and Breaststroke aiming to achieve legal technique

Swim Skills 4

Aim to…To improve the quality of stroke technique, introduce multi aquatic skills/disciplines and basic lifesaving skills.

To demonstrate competent technique in all four strokes
Introduce lifesaving skills and basic aquatic discipline skills
To provide basic skills to enable progression in to all aquatic disciplines including life saving

Club Ready Swim

Aim to…improve and maintain stroke technique over distance and develop basic training and race skills producing a swimmer who is ‘Club Ready’.

Advance swimming stamina for all four strokes whilst maintaining technique
Improve efficiency in all four strokes
To develop turn technique for all four strokes
Knowledge and understanding of club training practices variety of core aquatic skills

General guidelines for your participation in the Learn to Swim programme…
  • Learners should arrive promptly for their lesson.
  • Shower and use the toilet before entering the pool.
  • Under 3’s should wear a swim nappy.
  • Parents of under 8s should stay in the pool area during their child’s lesson.
  • Remember that every swimmer will learn at their own pace, and that learning thrives with positive encouragement. Teachers will provide regular feedback on progress.
  • Medical conditions should be advised to us on the application form.
1:1 & 1:2 Swimming Lessons

Our Swim 1:1 or 1:2 lessons are ideal for both children and adults alike with qualified instructors dedicated specifically for your needs – whether you simply need a bit of practice, technique support, nervous in the water or prefer to learn in small groups our 1:1 or 1:2 lessons can help you.

LearntoSwim Swimming Games

Whatever your age, learning to swim should be fun! There’s nothing like a good made up game to build confidence but here are some ideas you can try with your child next time you’re in the pool.