KA Corporate Membership

Let us help get your work force active! 

Here at KA Leisure, we believe that any activity is better than no activity, which is proven to reduce sickness and increase morale. With our extensive range of activities to choose from, we have something for everyone & it’s so easy to get started! 

  • We only require a minimum of 5 employees to join as a Member.
  • Enjoy a preferential monthly membership rate, plus £20 start up fee.
  • Add your partner on to your membership at the same preferential rate.
  • We operate a No Contract policy giving you maximum flexibility & control over your membership.
  • We only require a One Month notice period, in writing, to terminate your membership.
  • 1-1 personalised training programme – Do you know your metabolic age, BMI, water and muscle mass?
  • Plus unlimited access to adult community sport classes

To experience how KA Leisure can help you enjoy a healthy mind and body, please contact either Allan (AJackson@kaleisure.com) or Laurin (LDonlon@kaleisure.com) who will be delighted to support you.

KA Corporate Membership
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