In a fantastic celebration of football, KA Leisure recently hosted two unforgettable fanzone events that brought the community together in the spirit of sport and camaraderie. The first event, for Scotland’s match against Germany, was held at the Portal, while the second event for the clash with Switzerland took place at Vikingar!. Both venues were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm as fans gathered to cheer on the national team.

From the outset, the atmosphere was electric. Families and friends streamed into the venues, eagerly anticipating the children’s activities that were arranged before the big matches. The kids were treated to a range of fun and engaging activities, including face painting, inflatables, football fun and games, setting the perfect tone for the evening ahead.

As the matches were broadcast live on the large screens, the roar of the crowd fuilled the room. Feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, capturing the joy and thrill of the events:

“The atmosphere was brilliant when we were watching the game, and the boys (and us) went mental when we scored”, one excited fan shared.

Another attendee expressed their satisfaction, stating, “We all had a great night! Great job and so well organised, KA Leisure.”

The sentiment was echoed by many, with another fan adding, “Massive credit to KA Leisure for putting on such a great event. The kids all had a fantastic night. Few tired eyes this morning!”

The success of these fanzone events not only highlights KA Leisure’s commitment to community engagement but also underscores the unifying power of sport. These events provided a platform for fans to come together, share in the highs and lows of the matches, and create lasting memories.

KA Leisure extends its thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the special atmosphere at both events. Your enthusiasm and support played a crucial role in making these gatherings a resounding success.