KA Leisure is happy to announce that the Fitness Suite at the West Kilbride Community Centre will re-open on Monday 7th November with a small number of revisions to how it operates.

The main revisions to operations are: 

  • Opening hours will be Monday to Friday 0900 – 2100
  • A reduced KA Leisure Staff presence – hours of the fitness suite have been amended to match the current Community Centre opening hours.

Previously KA Leisure staff were not present during all of the venue opening hours, with North Ayrshire Council staff supporting out with these times. With the revised operations North Ayrshire Council venue staff will provide greater support, with KA Leisure staff on-site for specific sessions. 

The fitness suite will operate for members only, with all members required to undergo a specific West Kilbride induction before using the gym. Induction sessions will be scheduled during the week commencing 31st October and additional inductions programmed during the first week of re-opening to accommodate previous members. Following this, there will be an induction session delivered every Monday evening.

As well as a customer refresh on the use of equipment, the induction sessions will focus on the revised operational procedures, ensuring customers can keep themselves and their fellow members safe in the fitness suite environment.

Out with KA Leisure staffed hours customers will be able to communicate with KA leisure staff via the direct line fitness suite phone or through the KA Leisure App.

North Ayrshire Council staff will complete regular checks of the gym area and CCTV is linked back to the Circuit to assist with monitoring customers within the fitness suite. Additionally, North Ayrshire Council staff will complete visual inspections of the equipment and provide ongoing cleaning.

West Kilbride Only Membership

To mark the re-opening of West Kilbride, we will be offering a West Kilbride only membership. This membership will be £20 per month with a £20 start up fee. This membership will be available to purchase online via Joining – Your Facility (legendonlineservices.co.uk). Unfortunately, you will be unable to purchase this in-house at West Kilbride but can purchase at any of our other facilities. This will be available to buy from Monday 31st October.


Inductions (Welcome Back Sessions) for new and existing members will be available to book on the KA Leisure app or Online. Sessions will run from Thursday 3rd November until Friday 11th November on the following days: 

  • Thursday 3rd – 5pm – 9pm
  • Friday 4th – 12pm – 5pm
  • Monday 7th – 5pm
  • Tuesday 8th – 5pm – 9pm
  • Wednesday 9th – 5pm – 9pm
  • Thursday 10th – 9am – 12pm
  • Friday 11th – 9am – 12pm

Following this, there will be a Welcome Session delivered every Monday evening.

Gym sessions will be made available to book from Monday 31st October. Please note that there will be no gym sessions between Monday 31st October and Friday 4th November as this week will focus on Inducting all existing and new members.