The Ronnie Miller Memorial Tournament returned for the 2nd instalment this weekend (4th & 5th June) at Auchenharvie Ice Rink with teams from the u10s, u14s and u19s age groups. 

The home teams of Sabres (10s) Stars (14s) and Devils (19s) faced off against teams from Belfast, Billingham, Kilmarnock, Kirkcaldy, Lanarkshire, Leeds and Solway in what was to be a highly entertaining weekend of Ice Hockey.

The Round Robin games began early on Saturday morning at 8am with a format of 25 minute running clocks and penalty minutes halved. There would be 3 games before an Ice cut. The fixtures and results were as follows.


Game 1: u14s
N.A Stars 2 – 3 Leeds Knights

Game 2: u14s
L.Lightning 1 – 2 Kilmarnock JIHC

Game 3: u19s
N.A Devils 1 – 1 Kilmarnock JIHC

Game 4: u19s
Fife Falcons 1 – 1 Junior Solway Sharks

Game 5: u10s
N.A Sabres 2 – 0 Fife Eagles

Game 6: u10s
L.Lightning 5 – 3 Belfast Junior Giants

Game 7: u19s
N.A Devils 1 – 1 Billingham Stars

Game 8: u14s
N.A Stars 3 – 2 Inverness Highlanders

Game 9: u14s
Leeds Knights 7 – 3 Kilmarnock JIHC

Game 10: u19s
Kilmarnock JIHC 2 – 3 Fife Falcons

Game 11: u19s
Jnr Solway Sharks 3 – 1 Billingham Stars

Game 12: u14s
L. Lightning 0 – 1 Inverness Highlanders

Game 13: u10s
N.A Sabres 2 – 3 L. Lightning

Game 14: u10s
Fife Eagles 1 – 2 Belfast Junior Giants

Game 15: u14s
Kilmarnock JIHC 1 – 0 Inverness 

Game 16: u14s
N.A Stars 0 – 1 L. Lightning

Game 17: u19s
N.A Devils 2 – 0 Fife Falcons

Game 18: u19s
Kilmarnock JIHC 2 – 1 Billingham Stars

Game 19: u10s
N.A Sabres 3 – 0 Belfast Junior Giants

Game 20: u10s
Fife Eagles 2 – 3 L. Lightning

This brought the day’s action to a close just after 7:30 pm and as the players made their way home I am sure they were all looking forward to the final 6 Round Robin games before the semi-finals were decided. It was then a clean-up mission for the excellent staff of Ka Leisure at Auchenharvie as the day drew to a close.

The 2nd day began just as early on Sunday with players, coaches and parents arriving for some tea and coffee before the day’s games began at 8:00 am. The format continued of 3 games before an Ice Cut. First, up on the morning fresh ice was Leeds Knights Again when they took on Inverness Highlanders. Below is the synopsis of play up to the semi-finals

Sunday Results:

Game 21: u14s
Leeds Knights 0 – 2 Inverness Highlanders

Game 22: u19s
Kilmarnock JIHC 3 – 4 Jnr Solway Sharks

Game 23: u19s
Fife Falcons 1 – 1 Billingham Stars

Game 24: u14s
Leeds Knights 0 – 1 L. Lightning

Game 25: u14s
N.A Stars 0 – 3 Leeds Knights 

Game 26:
N.A Devils 0 – 4 Jnr Solway Sharks.

This led to the semi-finals looking as follows.

L. Lightning v Fife Eagles ….Lightning WIN
N.A Sabres v Junior Giants… Giants WIN

Leeds Knights v N.A Stars…. Knights WIN
Inverness v L. Lightning….. Inverness WIN

Solway Sharks v Kilmarnock… Solway WIN
Fife Falcons v N.A Devils… Fife WIN

Both the u19s semi-finals went to penalty shots, creating an electric atmosphere for the upcoming Final.

So, the finals were confirmed and looked as follows

Lanarkshire Lightning v Belfast Jnr Giants

Leeds Knights v Inverness Highlanders

Fife Falcons v Junior Solway Sharks.

All three games were tough fought battles with players from all teams giving it their all, but with all sports there can be only one winner, and on the ice on Sunday. 

Finals Results

L. Lightning v Belfast… Lightning WIN

Leeds Knights v Inverness… Inverness WIN

Solway Sharks v Fife Falcons…. Solway WIN


North Ayrshire Chairman Scott Campbell was once again joined on the ice with vice-Chair Andy Kerr and Ronnie Millers’ Family to present the medals and trophies to the winning teams. 

Special thanks were given to all teams and players for a great weekend of Ice Hockey. The parents who get their kids to these events and to all the dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, also the staff of Ka Leisure for their usual high standards of hospitality and Tommy Allison’s Snack bar for keeping us all fed over the weekend AND his generous donation to the club.

Scott Campbell had this to say after the ceremony. ” I am so proud to have got this event back up and running, and to have it named after a sadly missed friend and irreplaceable member of the NAIHC family and we hope to see you all at next season’s event”