Child Protection Policy

KA Leisure has ‘signed up’ to the 2006 Accord for Protection of Children in Sport which reinforces the Company’s commitment to provide a suitable and safe environment for children to participate in physical activity and sport.
This is a new initiative through a partnership of Children 1st and sportscotland to support organisations in developing provisions for the protection of children.
A copy of the KA Leisure Child Protection Policy and the 2006 Accord for Protection of Children in Sport is available by clicking on the links below.

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Accord

Swimming Pool Child Admission Policy


The purpose of the Child Admission Policy is to safeguard the group of pool users who are most at risk i.e. young children.

It is not intended to stop children having fun and enjoying swimming, nor is it intended to make life difficult for parents/carers.

These guidelines are designed to be applied under normal circumstances and may be adjusted to accommodate periods of high bather loads e.g. Aqua Fun sessions.

Portal/Auchenharvie Leisure Centre/Garnock Pool/Vikingar!

  • All children under the age of 8 years old must be accompanied in the water at all times during unprogrammed sessions by a responsible adult of at least 16 years of age. We recommend that children over 8 who are weak or non-swimmers be accompanied by an adult.
  • All children under the age of 8 years old must be accompanied on an adult supervision ratio of 1 adult to a maximum of 2 children. 
  • Children who are weak or non-swimmers must wear armbands or other approved buoyancy aids while in the water.
  • Weak and non-swimmers should remain within standing depth and remain in designated non-swimmer areas.

Smoke-Free Policy

It is the policy of K:A Leisure that all our workplaces/facilities are smoke-free and all employees and customers have a right to attend work and leisure services in a smoke-free environment. The policy came into effect on Sunday 26th March 2006 at 6am and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire workplace and all facilities with no exceptions. This includes company vehicles.

This policy applies to all employees, consultants, customers or members and visitors.

Equal Opportunities Policy

KA Leisure is committed to providing equality of opportunity to enable access to all the facilities and services by all sections of the community.

The Company will promote equality and seek to eliminate barriers which may restrict participation by sections of the local community.

The Company will consult with relevant groups and interests to ensure that quality services are accessible focused on the needs of our customers and the local community.

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