North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club recently shared the following message with their followers to congratulate a player for their recent achievements. Read on to see what they said…

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they do something that makes them stand out from the crowd, that special act of kindness or achieving an accolade or recognition for your hard work or efforts. Everyone associated with North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club would like to recognise one of our players for their hard work, effort, team spirit and all round determination for what they have just achieved.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a massive round of applause to Emma Lamberton for her recent achievement of being named in the Women’s u18s GREAT BRITAIN Ice Hockey Team. Emma has been with the club from a very young age at the Ducks team and has progressed through the club teams to now playing u19s league Hockey.

Emma is an absolute credit, not only to herself, but to parents Jamie and Dawn as well as her older sibling Chloe, this is coupled with also being inspirational to the younger female players at the club.

Keep being you Emma and keep working as hard as you do, we are all supporting you.