Like many Leisure Trusts throughout the UK, KA Leisure has faced significant cost increases in operating our facilities over the past year. Recognising the widespread cost of living challenges, we remain committed to providing high-quality, affordable health and wellness experiences. Despite these pressures, including utility costs, inflation, and salary increments, our dedication to the community’s wellbeing is unwavering. To sustain our services for North Ayrshire, we must adjust some of our fees. 

The new pricing will take effect from 1st April 2024, ensuring that we can continue to make a positive impact on community health and wellbeing.

ProductCurrent PriceRevised Price
Facility Memberships
E Active Work£26.50£28.00
E Active Work (NAC)£20.30£22.00
Fitness Suite (PAYG)
Adult Gym Session£6.50£6.70
Access Plus£3.90£4.00
Aerobic Classes
90 mins£8.00£8.30
75 mins£7.30£7.50
60 mins£6.50£6.70
45 mins£5.80£6.00
30 mins£5.00£5.20
Swimming Activities and Hire
Standard Adult£4.00£4.10
Access Plus Adult£2.40£2.50
Standard Juvenile£3.00£3.10
Access Plus Juvenile£1.80£1.90
Young Scot Swim£2.00£2.10
Swim Family (2+2 or 1+3)£10.50£11.00
Access Plus family swim£6.00£6.40
Ice Activities & Hire
Standard Adult Skate£6.00£6.20
Access Plus Adult Skate£3.60£3.90
Standard Juvenile Skate£4.20£4.40
Access Plus Juvenile Skate£2.50£2.60
Young Scot Skate£2.60£2.70
Family Skate£15.00£16.00
Standard Skate Hire£2.00£2.20
Access Plus Skate Hire£1.20£1.40
Penguin Hire£3.00£3.20
Curling Sheet£81.00£85.00
Curling Sheet (Off-peak)£58.50£63.50
Ice rink hire charge commercial£170.00£180.00
Ice Rink hire 60 mins£120.00£125.00
Ice Rink hire 90 mins£180.00£187.50
Ice Rink hire 120 mins£240.00£250.00
Ice Rink Club hire 60 mins£108.00£112.00
Ice Rink Club hire 90 mins£162.00£168.00
Ice Rink Club hire 120 mins£216.00£224.00
Ice Rink Club hire 180 mins£324.00£336.00
Early Morning Club Hire 60 mins£54.00£56.00
Viking Experience
Standard Family (2+2 or 1+3)£15.80£22.50
Adult Session£3.00£3.50
Golf Memberships (Annual Memberships)
Standard Adult Multi£302.00£310.00
Standard Adult Multi (DD)£362.00£370.00
Access Plus Multi£186.00£190.00
Access Plus Multi (DD)£218.00£225.00
Youth Multi£112.00£115.00
Junior Multi£37.00£38.00
Auchenharvie Adult£162.00£165.00
Auchenharvie Access Plus£102.00£105.00
Golf – Pay As You Go (PAYG)
Express Golf (Not Auchenharvie)£8.00£8.30
18-hole Rounds – Summer
Adult Standard£22.00£22.50
Juvenile Access Plus£5.50£5.60
9-hole Rounds
Adult Standard£14.50£14.70