Which facilities are currently open?

Golf Courses

From the end of May, we were delighted to welcome golfers back to all three of our courses at Auchenharvie, Routenburn and Ravenspark.  We have made several changes in our practices to ensure the safety of players and staff.  Before your visit, we ask you to familiarise themselves with the guidelines and procedures by visiting https://kaleisure.com/making-the-comeback-information/return-to-golf/.

Outdoor Synthetic Football Pitches

From Monday 27th July our outdoor synthetic football pitches will be opening at Almswall Park, Kilwinning, and The Circuit, Irvine, for use by teams under 18 years of age.  For more information on what to expect and how to book please visit https://kaleisure.com/making-the-comeback-information/outdoor-sports-facilities/.

Which other venues and facilities are you re-opening and when?

We will look to provide further information regarding the re-opening of venues and the resumption of further activities following the Scottish Government’s update on Thursday 30th July.

When will the swimming pools re-open?

We hope the Scottish Government’s update on Thursday 30th July will provide further clarification on when we can expect permission to re-open.

When will the ice rink re-open?

Opening of the ice rink will be delayed until Jan 2021.

Why will all your facilities not re-open straight away?

Unfortunately given the complexities involved, particularly in relation to physical distancing, increased hygiene measures and the process of returning staff to the workplace following being furloughed, it will not be possible to open all our facilities and activities at the same time. Therefore, we plan to re-open venues and resume activities on a phased basis.

As soon as dates are confirmed we will communicate this to customers via our website and social media platforms.

What about the shared school facilities?

We are still awaiting confirmation regarding operating within North Ayrshire Council school estate, as soon as we have information, we will advise customers of the re-opening schedule of these facilities.

What about my membership and subscription fees?

All membership fees and class subscriptions are currently frozen, so customers do not need to take any action.

We will contact customers in due course to confirm restart dates which will follow our reopening.

Are you still delivering fitness classes?

We deliver over 12 free live classes per week on our website and Facebook page.  For this week’s timetable visit https://kaleisure.com/stayactive/.

How else can I stay active?

We will continue to support you to stay active and healthy.  With the current Covid-19 restrictions it undoubtedly seems harder to fit exercise and movement into your daily routine. However, staying active is more important than ever at the moment, both for our physical and mental health.

Visit https://kaleisure.com/stayactive/ which includes our online fitness classes plus many other activities and ideas to get you active.

Our Youtube channel also has over 100 workouts which you can join in anytime at home.  Simply visit https://bit.ly/38NnjX3 and subscribe.

I have a health condition and participate in your referral programme. How can I stay active?

We’re working hard to support individuals with long term health conditions to stay active, maintain their health and wellbeing and safely return to being regularly physically active.  Our Physical Activity Referral Team are available to provide advice and guidance on how to stay active at home and can provide home exercise programmes and sign post to suitable online classes. People who are already part of our programme can access a range of specific classes delivered by our highly qualified team. We have a programme of 17 classes delivered via Zoom each week, alongside virtual walks and online social chats to maintain connection with others.

If you are living with a long-term health condition and are not part of our programme we can still support you to becoming more active.  If you have any questions or require further information please email activelifestyles@kaleisure.com or call Carole on 07483 156175.

When will my child’s sports activities and lessons restart?

We hope the Scottish Government’s update on Thursday 30th July will provide further clarification on when we can expect permission to re-open and resume further activities.

How can I stay up to date?

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You can also see latest announcements on our website at https://kaleisure.com/,  follow us on Twitter @KALeisure or search for us on Facebook “KA Leisure”.